Sizing and Prices

There can be a large variation in sizing with Goldendoodles.  English Cream Retrievers can be a little more "standard" in their sizing.  Typically with the English Creams, the boys will be a little larger than the girls. These sizes are estimated by taking the mothers weight plus the fathers weight and dividing by two.  This can give you a good estimate but not a guarantee of the puppies adult size.


Micro            10-15 lbs        $4500 

Petite Mini    12-18lbs         $4000

Mini               20-25 lbs        $3800

Standard      35-60 lbs        $3000

*Rare colors/marking may be more

English Cream

limited registration

Standard     50-65 lbs       $3000


*Full registration is available for an additional fee to approved homes.     



updated 2/21