Mini  F1b Goldendoodles

This litter is sold

We are so excited about this litter! Sweetie is our rare beautiful Silver English Doodle.  She is 45lbs and her name says it all! She has the temperament of an English with a little of the poodle agility.  She is extremely smart, gentle, loving and loyal.  She is a showstopper with her looks. This litter will be stunning!

Micro Goldendoodles

This litter is sold

1. Kholousi Family

2. Chen Family

3. Singer Family

4. Kol Family


Petite Goldendoodles

Reservation List
1. Wilde Family
2. Cambell Family
3. Paxton Family
4. Harvath Family

4lb Toy Poodle from

Echo Canyon Doodles

Micro Goldendoodles

Reservation List
1. Cambell Family, TN
2. Kurtz Family, CA
3. Agrawal Family, NY

English Cream Retrievers 

Reservation List

1. Schulze Family

2. Enos Family

3. Spektor Family

4. Aggarwai Family

5. Smith Family 

6. Larson Family